Regardless of the circumstances of your DUI case it is important to understand that a knowledgeable and experienced  attorney can best represent your interests. Cliff Hill is an experienced criminal law attorney who knows how to protect your legal rights. He is aware of the complex issues pertaining to DUI that enable him to challenge the prosecution, such as the answers to these questions:

  • Were you stopped with probable cause and given your Miranda rights?
  • Were breath/blood testing machines maintained and used properly?
  • Were field sobriety and blood tests carried out correctly?
  • Was a search warrant necessary for law enforcement to obtain breath or blood tests from you?
  • Did you voluntarily consent to a search by law enforcement? 

Don't make the assumption that you are guilty until proven innocent when it comes to a DUI offense. Contact the Law Offices of Cliff Hill today to discuss your rights and schedule a consultation.

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