Adjutant, Disabled American Veterans Chapter16. Prescott AZ

I have known Cliff Hill for about a little less than a year wherein one Saturday a month we have hosted a free Legal Clinic at the Disable American's Chapter Office. Cliff Hill IS the Clinic as he provides professional legal counsel to Veterans which they could otherwise not afford. Cliff personally sees clients face to face to advise them on issues ranging from DUIs problems to Child Custody. His compassion and dedication to this end has has been enormous helping Veterans on his personal time and going as far as providing some with representation in a court of law. His clients generally come to him with faces of apprehension and leave with smiles of relief after speaking with Cliff. I am proud to know someone like who cares enough about our nation's heroes to want to help them in their times of need. I would recommend Cliff to anyone in need of a skilled Attorney.
– Emmett J. Whalen

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