Scott F. Recommends Cliff Hill

While preparing a divorce filing I met Mr. Hill through the Yavapai County Court Ombudsman Program. He reviewed my paperwork. Subsequently I felt I needed his services as my spouse was filing a demand I believed to be unreasonable. Mr. Hill reviewed my spouse's demand & provided me with clear & concise advice, which was adverse to my spouse. She subsequently withdrew the demand based on Mr. Hill's advice to me. The matter was finalized in the manner I expected, thanks in no small part to Mr. Hill's succinct & clear advice. His fees were commensurate with the labors provided, most fair!

– Scott F.

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If you require legal advice and representation for issues surrounding a divorce or legal separation, or if you need to defend yourself from a criminal charge, consider contacting Cliff Hill.

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Cliff Hill is committed to personally representing his clients through the challenges brought by legal disputes in the area of family law or fighting a criminal charge.

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